Nostalgia and Déjà vu — the road to the 4th dimension.

Photo by Zulfa Nazer on Unsplash

I was flipping through YouTube and I came across the intro to a tv show named Eurekas Castle…

I had an overwhelming sensation of nostalgia. Something I can only feel and because I can only feel it, it cannot be considered objective data. It cannot be tested and it cannot be measured so it cannot be peer reviewed. However, we have all experienced nostalgia and we have also experienced déjà vu in our lives. Despite this not being able to be peer reviewed, even scientists understand that this phenomena exists and there are teams of researchers currently trying to understand the different nuances of the mind.

In my quest to understand the 10 dimensions of string theory and the 11 dimensions of M theory, I had a sudden thought I wanted to put out into existence. This thought overwhelmed me as I experienced nostalgia from my childhood, watching the opening scene above and for a moment, I captured being back at home with mom, sat on the floor in front of the TV set with the VCR next to it and the red car shaped video tape rewinder we had so we could rewind out videos. I could smell the soup and I could feel the summer heat in Southern California that would caress my face as I ran in the house when it was time for Nick In The Afternoon. The feeling hugged and comforted me and for a brief moment, at the very height of this feeling, I lived now and I lived then, at the same time. Thats the best I can do to describe how I felt. I felt like I had no grounding, I felt anxious, as if I were floating in mid air. I perceived my existence then and my existence now and realized there is an Oscar G living that reality right now and there is an Oscar G yet to live that day and an Oscar G who is thinking about how horrible this article turned out. I cannot include actual memory in this article because our memory fails us, however, we’ve always been told to “listen to your instincts” and while I could sit down and remember a memory that would be filled with my own made up elements my brain fills in on its own, I choose to only write about this overwhelming feeling of long ago.

Stating all that I have above, it is my own opinion that déjà vu and nostalgia is part of our own hidden ability to walk through the 4th dimension. Nobody can deny that something changed the entire planet. Things just aren’t what they were just a couple years ago and it feels like we have traveled into another Earth. People are quitting their jobs and no longer willing to settle, despite their own finances being hurt in the process. Countries that would long ago bully a smaller country, are now being shaken to their core because the underdogs refuse to quit. Everyone whom has ever been at the mercy of a manager, leader, dictator or other governing entity are rising up and are refusing to settle for promises and refuse to settle for fear that has perpetually kept us down as a populous. Having the ability to understand that we are worth more than a companies or dictators bottom line, is taking a step towards understanding our true value in the vast spectrum of existence.

I leave you with food for thought; many cultures and many humans believe that life is a game of balance. The ying-yang, the 50/50 and other such words that describe the circle and balance of life. If we could perceive our past, such as I did when I clicked the play button on the YouTube link above, then doesn’t math and balance tell us that we should be able to perceive our future? No scientists, I cannot measure it, I cannot test it and I cannot prove it but we couldn’t prove our sun was the center of our solar system until we could.

Humans are an enigma and there are buried secrets deep within our body which we have no technology for. We don't even know what questions to start asking to even begin to create the technology we would need to measure any of these thoughts. In my opinion, we will one day discover that nostalgia and déjà vu were pieces of a puzzle to solve the ability to transmutate between the 3rd dimension and the 4th dimension.



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Oscar G

Oscar G

Digital Viking, looking to discover my America. I often think about existence, time and space. I write about my thoughts, my feelings and the wonders of life.